Use Of Tags On Youtube

A tag is a keyword that is added to your video. The keyword is added to highlight the content that is in your video.You can add an additional tag in your video which is very beneficial to get views on your video. while choosing tags for your video you have to remember the biggest tip that tag should be relevant to your video. You want to make sure that tags accurately describe the content of your video. The more relevant tag you use the more views you receive

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Types Of Tags

  • Specific – These are the keywords that are specific to the content in your video. These tags highlight the topic of the video. When you are typing keywords youtube gives you suggestion and phrases. If those suggestion match to your content you should use them.
  • Compound – These are the tags with two or more words used. Everyone will tag the title of their video. If you choose to use these tags make sure you leave out propositions (, etc) because youtube ignores these words and you have only 500 characters for your tags. Try to use all 500 character
  • Generic – These are the tags that have to do with the overall topic of your video for example “how to”, “why” etc. These words are going to be used in all your videos. It is important to have a group of these tags.


How To Arrange Your Youtubes Tags

You should use most relevant and important keyword first because YouTube put more weight on the first tag when selecting videos. Make sure your tags are separated with commas and arrange and rearrange until you are not happy with the order. Then just copy and paste your final order back into YouTube

Default Tags

You can create default tags that will appear on your every video in your YouTube channel. These default tags can be changed on every individual’s video two same tags can not apply. Make sure if you are uploading a video on a cell phone remember to retag your default setting.

How To Know What Tag To Use

When you are trying to think what type of tags use then Think like a viewer. You can use as many keywords as possible and get heavy audience to your video


Be smart with your tags use them correctly and smartly. If you do they will become one of your best tools for gaining a wider YouTube audience.

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