How to Generate Revenue from Website

It can be seen a good question. However, I believe that successful website is broken into two elements: the Visual and Strategic.  While visually website is appealing for any businessman, knowing how to grow your business. Nowadays you can register on an e-commerce website that will help you in earning a good value. Now, I am going to tell about how to “Generate Revenue from Website” with some steps.

There are 4 steps:

  1. Affiliate Links-: Becoming an affiliate for your product is a great option to increase your revenue while making a trusting relationship with the audience. You are also increasing your creditability. Not you only earn a commission but with the reference, your audience will be satisfied. E.g. Patt Flynn is the best example for affiliate links. People will appreciate honesty, and if they are happy they will come back and support you in future.
  2. Sequenced opt-ins.-: If you are regularly blogging and publishing for that subscriber is the great way to earn, try to plan out sequence for promoting you product till the end in the form of challenge or video like Jett Walker, David Site man.
  3. Hold workshop-: The great way to doing this in the form of webinars and online workshop to your business. Some of the tools provided are an Easy webinar.
  4. Stop focusing on numbers: By making 1000 fans is not new today, but by Kevin Kelly’s article quality is more than quantity. By focusing on your true fans by satisfying they will help you in your business.

PPC Advertising Network

Google ad word is the best way to earn money you just have to sign up with the network. The network plays some relevant ad related to your website and helps to earn on per click. The profitability of PPC depends on general traffic coming on your website, most importantly on Click through rate (CTR). CTR depends on how you will design your website.


Placing ‘Donate’ button on your website is an efficient way to earn money. Small variation like Buy Me a Beer plugin help in word press on the bottom of your website for customer asking to chip in for a beer or coffee.

Offer Live Training and Workshop

People are coming on your blog for learning and if your content is not giving them satisfaction so it would help but if people are coming and learn something now so they are ready to pay high rates for learning more. You can also make money by selling up workshop and mastermind.

By some of these methods and others, you can earn revenue from the website.

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