How To Create Profitable Google Adwords Account

Google AdWords is a tool for posting an advertisement on our website through google for generating a lead for our business, products or services. After registering in Google AdWords just by entering our website’s URL we can manage our advertisement in terms of Location (In which area we want our advertisement to run or display), Schedule (In which time we want or ad to run)

In such way, we can generate a lead for our websites or business.


CUSTOMER DEMAND: The 1st step for successful AdWords a/c is to understand the customer demand. If our customers are not searching for our product or service in Google then obviously AdWords search advertisement will not work for us. So first of all, we need to verify the search volume for which we are going to offer. Whatever keyword we will give google itself will tell us that which keywords get how many clicks. Likewise, we can study our AdWords a/c.

COMPETITOR INTELLIGENCE: Whatever keyword we will be confident enough we will afford, but in most of the companies we will find that competitors have already tested and optimized their respective AdWords account. In this case, we can again take help of google and find out which are the relevant keywords for our products or services and we need to implement those keywords in our AdWords account.

CREATING ATTRACTIVE Ads: We should create such an ad that the user feels attractive to click on it. We need to know user’s requirement and further process. There are 4 key components of our AdWords text:


Description 1

Description 2

Display URL

All these 4 steps should be relevant and attractive so that it can generate a lead for our product or services so that our CTR increases.

BIDDING: Most important part of AdWords a/c is bidding. The bidding changes for every bit of time. Different keywords have different bidding. Bidding is different for different devices. Mobile, laptops/desktops, tabs have different bindings. So, we need to be very much calculative that we should bid what and how much amount, because the keywords which will give us more lead generation, we will bid the most for it.

By following these steps, we can easily create a profitable Google AdWords account which will generate leads to our business, products or services.

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