3 thoughts on “How Powerful Is Twitter as a Social Media Marketing Tool”

  1. I believe Twitter to be both an efficient and effective marketing tool. I am old enough to remember life BEFORE computers, the Internet, inbound marketing and social media. I remember when folks on radio and TV scoffed at the thought of a social media platform that limited itself to 140 character messages. So what if it could go both on the computer and the telephone at the same time. Then, suddenly, without warning, NBC’s Tim Russert collapses in the NBC studio in NYC. Everyone at the network is supposed to remain silent regarding the news. But, one person does not get the message and tweets out to the world with his smart phone that Tim Russert is dead. It was at that moment that Twitter demonstrated that it was faster and more efficient than television. And, today there is not a single radio or TV station worth its salt that does not have a Twitter account.

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