5 Type Of Visual Marketing Content You Need To Use In Your Campaign

Visual Marketing refers to the type of content which is not needed to be read but seen. Writing a content is always going to be a part of digital marketing but along with written content using of visual content would look more impressive to the viewer or customer. Visual content is useful because it doesn’t even require seconds to process it. So, using visual content along with the use of written content can make the campaign more successful and effective.

There are various ways to do visual marketing. Five of them are as follows:


The most commonly used visual content are photos and images. As it is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Using correct use of the images in the right and appropriate place will make the campaign more effective. The image should be related to the written content and the topic. Such an image should be used that can easily be processed by the viewer.


Videos are being seen by lot of viewers these days thanks to the online platforms and reduced size of it. Videos can be used in various ways in campaigning like unboxing videos about the product, showing a video of how to solve a problem. And it has been made very easy to make videos these days with loads of online and offline tools that makes the video look professional. Type of video like informative, solutions, or specification of product, that should be made should be according to the content need of the viewer.


Many people prefer powerpoint presentation. It is ways of combining all your content that is written and visual into slides and giving proper animations and sound effects to it. PPTs contain lot of information so it needs to made attractive using fonts, background, border, colour, etc.


Using of graphs and charts to give information to the viewers. There are various types of graphs like bar graph, pie chart, etc. This visual method is usually used to provide comparisons or sales.


This used to give information through the shots of actually doing the activity. This is used to give step by step information about the process of certain activity. For example if someone need to know to format a mobile, then it can be shown by various screenshot of mobile of how it can actually be done.

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