5 Reasons Why E-mail Marketing is Important

E-mail marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing. According to a latest survey 2.5 billion people worldwide use e-mail services, that is almost 35% of world’s total population. Therefore, through e-mail marketing we can reach to huge number of people.

Here are few reasons why e-mail marketing is important:

E-mail marketing is more effective technique then social media marketing. Social media is also an important aspect of digital marketing, through which we can increase our social relationship and interaction with many people which help us to make the business-related strategies more effective. But when it comes to convert the people to members or customers then studies showed that e-mail marketing plays a vital role in this ground.

E-mail marketing is cost effective and economic as well. We can reach to maximum number of consumers or customers at a rate of literally nothing per message. Where as in traditional marketing if we go for newspaper, TV, radio marketing it takes a huge cost. A recent survey showed that 85% of US retailer consider e-mail marketing as most effective customer accusation tactics.

In e-mail marketing, we can send e-mail to peoples by dividing them into various categories which will allow us to get the reach of right targeted audiences unlike social media where our post can reach to someone who may not be a targeted audience.

We can get the tracking details of e-mail marketing. By using any e-mail marketing software, we can easily find out who opened our e-mails, which links were clicked and how many people unsubscribed. So, we can get a vivid picture of our business that how much effective is e-mail marketing.

Cellular phones are very common now a day. People constantly check their e-mails all the time. A recent surveyed showed that 91% people who use smart phones access the facility of e-mail as compared to 75% people who use smart phone for only social media accessibility. So, by e-mail marketing we can reach as well as we can get response very rapidly.

Thus, e-mail marketing plays a very vital role in digital marketing field.


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