5 Reason Why Facebook Marketing is Important in Business Organization

The Facebook was introduced in February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg along with fellow Harvad collegestudents from United States university. They are smartly design the social media website which is easily excess by desktop, laptop, tablets and smart phones over the internet and mobile network.

In facebook provide a many features such as make your social website profile,invites friends, share photos, feeling activities , update post, is make easy to communication and share information in a seconds. Now a day hugs of people use facebook and share the information is that it is benefit for visualize your business and expand fastely compare to other social media websites.

  1. People spend lots amount of time in social media: According to the research they find the average American spends about 40 minutes just on facebook for sharing and Liking content. In every minute facebook users like more than 4.1 million posts, posting comments, status updates, and photos. Yet facebook has 2 million active advertiser. 

  1. To Build Brand loyality: A facebook business page do pretty for helping you to build a brand loyalty.

What does exact means?

Just assume that if you continuously provide a valuable and entertaining content your follower will stay loyal and vice versa.

Now a day its trends to buy a product online for saving time that’s why people look online business which is easy and convenient and trust worthy.

  1. Targeting:Facebook is much more targeted social media website that you might be realize business can target audience with facebook ads in different ways such as location, demographics, age, gender, interest, behavior and connection. But facebook can also provide a helps to manually segments to your targets audience with some powerful ads targeting options such as –
  • Build brand loyality
  •  Maximum reached target audience
  • Helps to known recent  purchases behavior
  1. Turn visitor and  generates leads: Get your efforts with facebook ads to bring new traffic in your website. You want more you want lead to tag target visitor who come to your site with cookies. It is helps to build your remarketing audience.
  2. Game changing a call buttons: Must mention the call button in your business it’s increase the chance to get more results. 1.39 billion mobile facebook user visit every month and ½ billion users only by the mobile network just think they excess the facebook by mobile and show more visibility in your ads with call now button.


That’s why facebook marketing is important for business to grow your business.

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